Friday, January 1, 2010

Joint Venture??

Ok, so I didn't manage to do any more crafting last night. Craig and I were passed out at 11:20ish.. terrible. Oh well.

So I have this "friend" lets call her Kristina, well she is wanting to come in here and take over? She has the nerve to ask me to do a joint crafting blog with her, I mean seriously??? Its not like I don't already spend hours talking about crafts with her, shopping for crafts with her, making crafts with her, cooking up something crafty with her, why would I want to blog about crafts with her? *shaking my head as I type*

Ok, let's see. How many followers do I have? ONE. How much does "Kat.. I mean KRISTINA" know about crafting? She can knit, I can't. She mod podges, I don't. She seems to know a lot of other crafting blogs, I don't. She can really BLOG, I can, just sometimes DON'T...


Ok, but do I abandon Three G's, I just got it going and its out there.... for my ONE follower, it took me months to come up with the name, what ever shall I do???


  1. I see three followers now girl...hehe.

  2. I am so honored to be included here! I've got to get to crafting...rather, finishing my projects so that I can post! What great motivation. I've got a couple knitting projects in mind and of course my lovely mod podge.

    Thank you for including me!