Saturday, January 2, 2010

Booties to "Give Uh Way"

My sewing machine was running tonight after a days rest, hopefully I can keep it going for the next few days, I have some catching up to do. You might recognize the polka dot fabric from the girls runner I made for their dresser the other night, well I had actually cut these booties out a few weeks ago but they have just been sitting on my table neglected. I cut two pairs out, one for Claire of course and one for an option
for a fellow blogger's "Give Uh Ways". Go see Jessica at
she has been giving away some amazing things. Plus she is pretty darn funny and her family is super cute. I plan on making a boy option for her winner to choose from.

the fabric beginnings into the 12 pieces per pair that will be all sewn together to make the following...

Claire is modeling her pair, for what ever reason I made a minor mistake on hers though you can't see it. I think I was just sewing and not thinking, I do that with a lot of things.

Don't you just love her yummy chubby thighs??

The "Give Uh Way" pair for Jessica.
What do you think???


  1. They are adorable!!! Great work Denise!

  2. I love them!!! I need to know what size they are and you should put some contact information and a price on your blog so people can order some if they want!!

    They are totally cute cute cute!!!!

    Thank you pretty!!

  3. They are so cute! And you know I agree with pricing and maybe an etsy, it's fun and Claire can only wear so many booties, plus a little extra crafting cash is always fun!

  4. This will be the one Giveaway that I actually participate in. I love those dang booties!