Friday, January 29, 2010

Knitting, Pearling, What am I doing...OH MY!!

My name is Kim but most know me around Denise's house as Aunt MaeMae! Yes, craig's sister here...ready to show my secrets (or mishaps) of my fun knitting experience! I was feeling alittle empty and needing some craft time (missing being around mom and Denise, there are always crafty ideas looming near them) I go to Michael's, buy size 15 knitting needles, and a ball of yarn.
I start off with a regular knot. Many suggest using a slipknot but I was in such a hurry to start my craft, I just did what I thought would work. You'll see later that this
may not always be the best way to go about things. I knit about five or six rows and I'm told by a friend of mine (a gentlemen officer in the Navy) that I'M DOING IT ALL WRONG, I'M NOT
EVEN KNITTING, I'M PEARLING! Oh whoops. What's pearling and why does this guy know more than me? Haha. Now I'm really determined to keep doing my "pearling" knot and somehow prove that THIS knot will still work.
So I press on, no matter where I'm at...on the way to dinner, watching a movie, or on a road trip...I'm knitting, oh excuse, pearling away. I have my trusty needles and my faithful pearling knot.

I start to see about 20 rows now and I'm wondering how long this scarf/blanket/whatever the heck this is, is going to be! One day, I feel it's time...time to learn to end this and see what I created. I
go to and search "Ending knitting a scarf". I see the term 'casting off' so I run with it and search "Casting off". So for once, I actually listen to directions and learn how to cast off. It took a few tries and a couple of really ugly knots, but I started to cast off. I was actually seeing results! I love it! I finally cast off the last knot, place the needles on the table, and starting jumping up and down!

I HAD MADE MY OWN SCARF! YAY ME! There are a few random holes, knots in my scarf that I'm not sure how they got there, but it is very warm and I know my mom will love it! No matter what craft I'm doing, I like to use alittle, 'just jump in the mud and start swimming' attitude.
Once you come up for breath and realize you've jumped in the wrong 'knitting pool', go back and read the directions, to see if you like them. If you don't, then try it on your own! You will still produce a masterpiece because it will be YOUR masterpiece! Happy crafting!


  1. A crafter after my own heart! Just jump in there and make it work! That's the fun of crafting, you'll always make "something"! :)

    I love your scarf and purling is just a different type of knit stitch, so tell your gentleman friend that you chose to start a step ahead because purling is usually learned AFTER the knit stitch (btw, it's basically just a backwards knit stitch and if you purl every row you get the same result as if you knit every row).

    Way to go!

  2. Thanks Froggylady! I had fun! I will be taking a beginner's knitting class to get my feet wet and broaden my horizon! LOL!