Saturday, January 23, 2010

Serious business...

Some people might think of crafting as a hobby, something to do in your spare time (whatever that is), a passing fancy, silly girls making stuff with glitter. Well, I am here to tell you that Denise and I take our craft very seriously. No monkey business here. As a matter of fact we are hunkered down in my house now cranking out pretty things. Our kids are fending for themselves and falling to sleep in a sugar coma to the whir of sewing machines. This crafting is serious business.

Our crafting weekend is going wonderful! Except for the gross underestimation of the size of our butts for tutus. In defense of my own butt (Denise will have to defend her's) we also didn't have enough tulle for the little girls tutus either. Our total projects so far are 6 half done tutus and I've made a tote bag that just needs some handles. We are lucky to be that far seeing as how I forgot how to use my sewing machine, Denise ran out of gas, we ordered pizza, and have 4 girls under the age of 5.



  1. Is that a bottle of wine I see on the table?!?! And I think you both might be drink, because the pitcher is filled with blue tull, NOT water.

    Can't wait to see the tutu's on all the girls!!!!

  2. Unfortunately Amber, we were stone cold sober. But yes, that is a bottle of wine on the table and we each had a glass, though we were being silly and giggling as if we'd had a bottle each. :)