Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bailed on the weekend but for good reason....

I had to bail on Katrina and our crafting weekend. Craig graced us with his presence, he has been in and out of the field for the last two weeks and we jumped at the chance to spend the evening together as a family. I don't have much to share about my crafting day, I jumped back and forth on a few projects not able to stay focused. I did finish one big one, almost. I can't even blog about it because it is a gift for my SIL. Her birthday is the 28th so as soon as she gets the present and opens it I will BLOG CRAZY about it because I am making three more. One, which I will give away the first week in February. More to come on that. Katrina has something fun to give away too. Oh, FOLLOWERS of Three G's Crafts will get more chances to win.... SHARE us. Thanks. Denise

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  1. Gotta LOVE family time!!!!! I can't wait to see what you girls are up too!!!!