Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crafting extravaganza.

Yesterday, less than 48 hours after arriving back in CA, Denise kidnapped Madelyn and I for a craft shopping trip. This is not a good thing. Denise and I craft shopping is kind of like two drunks in a bar, there's a lot of laughing, some fun times, somebody falls down, and the next morning we wonder what we were thinking.

Don't believe me? Let me play it out for you. We arrive at JoAnnes and being the awesome mom that I am, I leave Madelyn in the capable care of Paige and Reese while I go to get a buggy from the other side of the buggy catcher thingy (what, your store doesn't have a buggy catcher thingy?) and Madelyn fails to keep up with the train and ends up with a bump on the head. I bribe her with M&Ms to stop crying so that I can get my craft fix. Mom of the year award right here!

Denise drags me through the fabric aisles and I start thinking about all the things I could sew, if I were capable of sewing a straight line. Finally we wind up on the aisle with the tulle, something I can work with to make tutus and I just start putting tulle in my buggy for all the girls and then determine that maybe I need a tutu too...and so does Denise. I'm not sure there was much of a color selection left of the "shiny tulle" when we left the aisle. We find the elastic and I go drool over upolstry fabric for a chair I need to redo for my projects of 2010 list (more details to come).
The girls are playing and being bribed with M&Ms, Madelyn and Paige are filthy from playing on the floor and now it is time for us to venture to the other 2/3 of the store. I've got a lot of crafts running through my head and just kind of wanted to browse. Denise is behind me complaining about the cost of her addiction, like I had anything to do with the purchase of $100 worth of tulle for tutus (OK, not that much, but you should have heard her).

Then we hit the pretty papers where they were on sale 4/$1. Yeah, that is NO good for crafters who love modpodge as much as I do. It's like $1 beer night. I was trying to edit myself and only get papers for specific projects and was very proud that even with that price I only walked out with 10 pieces of paper and only 2 are for a project that is still very conceptual.

By this point Madelyn had gotten in trouble for running off and was sequestered in the buggy across the aisle smelling fake flowers that Paige and Reese were bringing to her. We checked out and ended our journey with chicken from chick fil a. Where Madelyn didn't eat because she fell asleep and slept the whole ride home.

After some visiting and some play time, Madelyn and I headed home and this sunset greeted us. It was a very nice day, productive, and fun. Of course Denise is a brat and didn't bother to show me those super cute shirts until AFTER our trip so now I have to go buy fabric so I can make one in each color.

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  1. Katrina~ I love how all your metaphors are related to drinking or beer! I'm dying laughing over here in SC! Sounds like you guys are having a great time! Keep those ideas coming!