Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BOYS.... well booties for one for Jessica's Give Uh Way...

Finally! I got back into my little hole and was able to sew one pair of BOY booties... the other 4 pairs planned are all cut out, assembled from 6 pinned pieces per shoe into their three finished pieces per shoe they just now all need to be sewn together. No biggie, right? Well, I am behind on my packing up Christmas, Paige is not starting an intense speech therapy program. Claire is really crawling now. Craig is due to go to the field and Reese started basketball back up. Late night sewing for me. This first pair of BOYISH booties is for Jessica's "Give Uh Way". I will be featured in her 12 weeks of "Give Uh Ways" in February. Until then check her site out weekly for the other amazing vendors along with her great sense of humor. Katrina and I are planning to do some sort of Give Away soon too.

I honestly think the is my best pair yet.

My little Claire modeling

These are so cozy. I really need to try to make adult sizes.


  1. I think these are my favorites yet! I love the geometricness of them, and the orange sole. Too sweet!

    I can't wait to get home and start more crafting (not just knitting). I have tons of ideas running through my head.

  2. I LOVE them! They look like the really expensive booties called Robeez! Great job Denise! I'm so proud of you! And I love Paige's face on the Bread making pictures! :)

  3. So cute!!!!! Again, you did an amazing job!!!! You seriously need to make a couple pair and stick them in your diaper bag, and when your out and someone asks you about them, you could sell them on the spot!