Monday, January 4, 2010

Katrina's plan to take over the blog...

OK, not really. I'm honestly very honored to be allowed to contribute to this awesome blog. I know that a lot of thought and love went into creating and choosing to start it, just like the crafts and food featured here.

I have my own blog Frog E. Mama that I try to write on regularly about the day to day goings on of my life as a mom and Marine wife. I'm very excited to have this space to blog about my crafting ventures...both good and bad.

A little about my crafting self. I fly by the seat of my pants, halfway reading instructions until I have to go back and fix something, and no, I never learn my lesson. I find inspiration in the silliest of things and then it fills my brain until I try to make it work and I get about 1/2 way through until something else fills my brain. I'm hoping that this blog will help me cure my project startitis. If it doesn't, then the crafting weekends should! I love knitting, mod podging, painting, and anything else that makes things pretty. I would love to know how to sew better. I know the basics but I don't think hemming toddler pants counts as crafting. I don't believe in age appropriateness when it comes to crafting (with parental supervision of course) so look forward to a lot of fun kid crafts and painted toddlers.

My current craft is knitting. I am out of town and knitting is transportable, fun, and easy! Especially when it doesn't get above 25 degrees outside. My current love afair is with Malabrigo yarn. It is so yummy and soft and an absolute dream to knit. I have completed a hat and am halfway through the first fingerless mitten of which I will post pictures soon.

Here are some links to crafts I have posted on Frog E. Mama
Fall Leaves
Mickey Mouse gift boxes (scroll down a bit for a pic, they were plain white boxes that I mod podged with scrapbook paper)
Pegs for purses/jackets and pumpkins

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer as much as I enjoy crafting!

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  1. Are we Pinky and The Brain, trying to take over the world?? the CRAFTING world???? HE HE HE....