Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dueling blog posts... Craft Day 1 Denise's version

We have completed crafting day one... I really should have posted this last night but I had a revolt from the three year old, waking up with leg pains and wanting to "nug" (snuggle). So as Katrina said in her post we hit the ground running with our crafting adventure.
The day started off in my house with loading up all the girls stuff, two suit cases, pillows, Leo, Lemonade and Bear, and the bouncy seat for Claire. I made sure I gathered up one of my sewing baskets with all of my supplies, plus another bag full of fabrics and patterns. I didn't forget my hefty sewing machine, what a weekend that would have been. We all loaded up into the suburban, which was hard to do because Katrina left her big stroller in the back when I "kidnapped" her last Saturday to go to Joannes. Seriously?
With a trip to the mall and another trip to Joannes completed the adventure started on the way home with Claire (8 months old) choking and a crazy drive across I15 to get to the median to assist Katrina who was half way in the front of my suburban and half in the back with her finger down Claire's throat.... SCARY. Claire was fine, well a little shook up but ok, Katrina drove the rest of the way back to pick up Reese from school. After that we had to stop back by the house to let Ender out and get gas. Well, I was more empty than I thought and after telling Katrina I wasn't going to park in my steep drive to save gas I literally ran out of gas on my street 6 houses down.... LUCKILY I was able to coast to right in front of my driveway. HOW CRAZY. Well I hoped and prayed we had some gas in the garage and we did. I passed it off to Katrina to start putting in to the tank while I let Ender out, when I came back out I noticed the yellow gas can read DIESEL. I about passed out. Katrina and I became detectives, sniffing the evidence in hopes that it truly wasn't diesel and that we could prevent a murder from happening. You know, mine when my husband found out. We stopped putting the fuel into the suburban and tried to start it and it started right up. THANK YOU LORD. I later found out that Craig does plan on putting Diesel in there for his truck.
Claire cried all the way to Kat's house. Once there we all got into our comfy closed set up the dueling sewing machines and laptops and got to work. The tu tu's will be absolutly adorable when done. I guess we will be back at Joannes this week to buy the much needed tulle... I can't wait to finish today's projects...

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