Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crafting sometimes means COOKING to me...

Ok, food and cooking is one of my main passions in life. So, tonight I tried a new recipe. For peppercorn chicken and lemon spinach. I found the recipe over at Craig really loved the chicken, I was surprised it didn't come out dry. I really liked it too, the girls even asked for seconds. I had made a 4th breast for Craig to take to work tomorrow (normally the girls split one), the girls ate it. I did forget about the shallot sauce in the picture. We sat down and started to eat when half way through my chicken I remembered. Luckily, Craig had only eaten one bite of his.

my ingredients all set out and ready.

the chicken browned up so nicely, smelled so good too.

we decided to drink the wine tonight that I made the shallot sauce with, sorry that didn't get pictured.


  1. Cooking is a craft. It's fun, and you have to get things just right to make it wonderful! This looks so yummy! I'll trade you another Japanese dinner (with actually well cooked veggies) for one of these.