Thursday, June 17, 2010

Secret Revealed!

So I guess you could say that 3Gs is moving.  We are heading over to our new digs at Four Ribbons!  All of your favorite posts from here will be moving over there as well but before we clutter up the place, we'd love you for you to go take a look around.

In addition to our new website, we also have an Etsy store and facebook page so look us up!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jessica is at it AGAIN.... you want to WIN???

Katrina and I have this silly friend who is just plain amazing.  Her blogs are out of control.  Go check out Jessica and see what she is GIVING AWAY FREE....

I so want to win!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just call me Cap'n Kooky

Ya'll I am totally rogue blogging right now. I've been begging Denise to let me let ya'll in on our secret and she hid the freaking goods! I don't think I can wait until June 18th!  I did grab one picture before she got it all stashed away.

It fits huh?  Like I'm a pirate.  I pirate who wants to share secrets!  Argh matey!

So as if one big secret isn't enough, go check out this cutie patootie new blog and follow her so that ThreeG's can get a much needed facelift!  If left up to me I might make it all pirate all the time around here and I'm pretty sure you'd get tired of me talking piratese (it's a word, a pirate word).  OK, so it is a contest and we wouldn't be gauranteed to win, but we most certainly cannot win if she doesn't get 70 followers!  So go.  Check her out and become a follower.  I'm off to try to sniff out the stash and steal more pictures.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rooster curtains

 Remember this fabric? 
It now hangs beautifully in Denise's kitchen!

These curtains were so much fun to make!  Not only were they for a fabulous friend, but I think they are super cute!  Now I just want to find more windows to make curtains for!  All my windows are currently treated wtih super heavy custom valences that the owner likes.  So no curtains for me.  :( 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A glimpse of my stash

Ask any crafter and they will tell you that they have a stash.  If they don't, then I don't know what is wrong with them.  The idea behind the stash is that you don't know what  you might want to work on at any given time, or something is just too beautiful not to have to make something with later.

I enjoy multiple crafts, but currently sewing is my go to method of creating and my fabric stash reflects it. Here is a little peak into some of my favorite stash items.

Rooster fabric for kitchen curtains for one Mrs. Denise.
 Something yummy for...a purse? a skirt?
 This is definitely gonna be a bag of some sort.
 Delicious flowers for a shirred sundress for me.
 Three fabrics planned for a purse

 Socks for baby/toddler legwarmers.
 Sundress for Madelyn.
 Ruffley something for Madelyn
 Some batik napkins I found at a thrift shop that I'm thinking of turning into an apron or Madelyn sized picnic blanket.

I have several more ideas for projects, a few projects that I have to do, and more than I count things I want to do.  Plus now I want to start cross stitching least that doesn't take up too much room. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Suggestion Saturday. Now with more giveaways!

Here at Three G's Crafts we aim to please so this is our third Suggestion Saturday.  Denise and I really enjoy the challenge of creating edible and delicious things from our suggestion box.    Plus, I'm pretty sure that Denise secretly enjoys tolerates being bossed around the kitchen.  This time I think we should go for an appetizer / party food.

If you are up to the challenge to inspire us the rules are as follows:

1. Suggestions for THREE ingredients are to be posted in the comment section by 9pm Monday (Pacific time)

2. The ingredients need to be items that we can find at any local grocery store.

3. The winning suggestion will be drawn randomly Tuesday morning.

4. We will each create an appetizer/party food and prepare it separately without sharing our ideas.

5. We will post our creations Friday.

Plus, because it is Satuday night and I'm grouchy tired feeling sad that my Marine isn't here with me I want comments. Lots of comments.  I'm not ashamed to ask.  So spread the news to your friends, to your crazy uncle, or just any random person on the street and show us some love. 

If we get 30 comments from 30 different people, I will send a prize to a randomly drawn name, and if they were referred to us by one of our regular readers, the regular reader will recieve a duplicate prize.  I'm thinking a basket of goodies.

So...if you are here from somebody's recommendation, let us know in the comments!

Comments/suggestions/shameless plugs will end on Monday at 9pm.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coming up...Suggestion Saturday!

Get your suggestions ready! It's time for another installment of Suggestion Saturday! Not today though, because it's Suggestion SATURDAY and today is Thursday. I might be crazy, but I'm not that crazy. However, I AM crazy enough to take suggestions on what our suggestions should be for.

Appetizers? Desserts? Crafts of the non-food type? Breakfast?

Let us know in the comments!