Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Heart this wreath...

In my journey around this here interweb I have been seeing really cute burlap hearts like this one on Craftaholics Anonymous:

So my partner in craft Denise called me up the other day and told me that she had some raw muslin that was in the stuff that her mom brought down and offered it to me to make my heart.

It is actually pretty nice muslin, very natural. So I set to work on trying to make my own wreath with what I had around the house. I had read somewhere (I can't remember where, please forgive me) that one person had used a coat hanger, so I tried that.
Um yeah, it was a little too stiff and not bendy enough for my liking. Remember, this is one of my "on a whim" crafts and therefore I wasn't willing to put in sweat or blood. As I was rooting around for a wire cutter it hit me that I hadn't taken down my greenery wreath from the holidays. Score! All those little pine branches were held on by thin wire. So I scavanged that wire. After playing with the fabric some I discovered that it was too flimsy to do the nifty little folds. Sure, I could have starched it or used fabric stiffener, but I was in instant gratification mode so I improvised and I tucked the wire inside one long fabric strip and braided it in with two other strips. Then I got real professional like and held it all together with a twist of the wire and safety pin.

As you can tell, it's a fairly small heart and my walls are cream. So I tried hanging it different places and just wasn't digging it the way it faded into the walls. At this point I called Denise and told her that she was going to be the recipient of said heart because I thought it would look cute hanging in her kitchen with her new valance. In the process of talking to Denise my mind started going, and I starting thinking and I ran to the office and grabbed a frame and got off the phone with Denise because she doesn't need to be privvy to the craziness that is my train of thought (well, not tonight she didn't), grabbed some of the pretty pretty scrapbooking paper I have stashed and now there is no way she is getting my heart!
The glass in this particular frame had cracked and the black is the cardboard that came with the frame with some pretty paper taped on using double sided tape! This is hanging above my fireplace and it looks kind of lonely so I guess I better get to work on his friends!

I had this post ready last night and woke up to find this morning that Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous was having a fun mclinky party! How awesome is that?



  1. Katrina,
    I love your version! It rocks girl! And what a great coincidence! Next time we'll have to plan this, right? ;) Thanks for joining the party.
    happy crafting,

  2. That's really cute, Katrina! I love your heart idea!

  3. LOL! Your too funny! I like how you started to give it to Denise, but then decided to keep it for yourself.

    It turned out great!

  4. ooooo i love this!! i need to make the jump into the world of burlap becuase it just looks so classy and cute

  5. Thanks! I remembered your but I couldn't find the link!! I'm adding it to my post right now.

  6. So cute! I love the idea of brading the fabric. I think I may have to try this today (if I ever get this gigantic pile of laundry folded)!