Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A very forgiving bread...

10 days ago I was the proud recipient of a bag full of fermenting batter. It was lovely and yeasty and outgrowing the sandwich bag it was in. Unfortunately I kept forgetting to purchase gallon sized bags and had to add 3 cups of ingredients to said little bag. Luckily Denise eventually came to my rescue and sent me home with one after I whined about my woes. I still didn't move the batter until the next morning when I walked in the kitchen and the bag was close to splitting. Oops. So I dumped the sandwich bag contents into the gallon bag and turned around to throw the little bag away and the batter decided that the floor looked more fun so it morphed and wiggled and glided it's way down my counter top. Only about 1/2 cup got away so I continued with the process of mushing and burping the batter.

Tonight was day 10 and time to bake. I followed the directions knowing that I had lost some batter, I figured I would just make it work.

OK, I followed all of the directions except for one ingredient and I just have a problem with putting instant pudding in a recipe that claims to be from the Amish. Seriously people? The Amish use instant pudding? I don't think so. Oh, and I didn't follow how much cinnamon or vanilla you should use either. I used more...lots more. Then I misread and forgot to add baking powder even though I know that if you have baking soda you need baking powder. Oh well.

Oh and maybe I didn't have loaf pans so I just used some small baking dishes.

I'm maybe not so good at the directions, huh?

And guess what? My bread is still yummy! Just goes to show that directions are made to be broke or maybe I am brilliant but most likely this is just a really forgiving bread.


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