Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As promised...

I guess we promised a give away when we hit 30 followers huh? You guys blow me away! I can't believe we're at 31 (as of rightthisminute)! I didn't even have time to put the finishing touches on the prize! I promise it will be done before the winner is even chosen.

So...if you are already a follower (rightthisminute) you get an extra entry in this drawing. Just my way of saying THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

The prize is hand painted/papered blocks that spell Easter on one side and Spring on the other! These are my new favorite thing to make and are so pretty and fun to display on my mantle or in an entry way, or as part of a centerpiece! I am honestly in love with these blocks and so excited to share! Without any more talk, here they are:


Easter (there is a blank block in this set in which I will add a decoration of your choice - cross, Easter egg, bunny, etc - whatever fits your decor)
Just showing a little bit of both sides:
To enter:
Mandantory one entry: Comment on this blog post and tell me your favorite thing about spring.
Extra entries:
1. Blog it
2. Put a link to this blog post on Facebook
3. Become a follower
**If you are one of our first 31 followers you still need to comment to enter and we will make sure you get your extra entry. I have the list of our current followers so you will not be missed. :)
It's that easy! Leave a separate comment for each entry. Entries close on Monday at midnight and the winner will be drawn on Tuesday!
Good luck!


  1. I love spring because that's when everything comes back to life. The smell in the air...the fresh breeze...everything turning green again (as if it fully loses it's green in Charleston)...what's not to love?

    (Sorry, I never think to follow blogs. I subscribe with my Google Reader instead.)

  2. My favorite thing about spring is watching the tiny plants poke their heads out of the dirt!

  3. sneaky you have two blogs? =) just found ya today off Tammy's two cents I think!!
    Thanks for visiting me too! I love lilacs... that is my spring thing... early blooming lilacs! =) yummy!~
    Just Jenn~

  4. Spring is my favorite season! I love the breeze and how the weather is perfect-not too hot and not too cold. I love the flowers and the beginnings of new life!

    Oh and I was already a follower!

  5. My favorite thing about spring is watching my husband get all kinds of excited about being able to play in the garden.

  6. I put a link on my facebook! Hope you get some new followers from it!

  7. My favorite part of spring is celebrating Jesus on Easter and wearing sundresses!

  8. I love the cool mild temperatures and the vibrant colors of fresh flowers. Spring will soon be in the air!!!!

  9. So cute!!!! Love them!

    I love watching the flowers bloom. That's my favorite...oh, and being able to have my windown open in my house to let the fresh air in.

  10. PICK ME! PICK ME!!
    OK, my favorite thing about spring are those darn Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.
    SERIOUSLY, flowers are NOTHING compared to these little babies! Don't act like you don't know the ones and don't act like you don't hide them around the house so that the kids don't see them or you sneaking 1, 2 or 3 of them.

    *Just a tip ~ Hide them in the freezer! YUM!

  11. I love flowers - I am obsessed!! So Spring has always been my favorite - I am so excited I just found your blog !! I will spend an hour looking through all your posts lol:)Thanks for all the good ideas

  12. My favorite thing about spring is the smell of fresh air and hanging the first load of laundry out on the line!

  13. Great blocks! I love spring because my Birthday is in spring! : )

  14. My favorite thing about spring is the smell of freshly mowed grass! (I'm a crazy farm girl)

  15. I love these!!! My favorite thing about spring is the flowers blooming and watching my babies hunt easter eggs:)

  16. I love spring, because everything is new again- love the flowers too!
    bro2ice at yahoo dot com

  17. My birthday is the first day of spring, so that's always exciting. I just love how everything is new and fresh in the spring.

  18. I've just become a follower - came over from Friday Follow.

  19. Hi, I'm your newest Friday follower!

    Come visit me at Mom-et-al.com



  20. I love Spring because it means warm weather but not unbearably HOT. I love baby animals and knowing that life is starting over.

  21. Stopping by to say hello with Friday Follow. Hope you have an amazing weekend with your family and friends.

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  22. You're well over 30 followers now! Following you from Friday Follow (btw, that really helped me, as well as GiveAways!)
    Looking forward to your spring crafts!

  23. I love spring because for the one week in Texas that we have spring the weather is perfect and mild. It's past the cold of winter and hasn't yet reached the hot humid weather of our summer! :)