Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another ruffle shirt - completed!

I finsished this tonight and couldn't even wait to post it until tomorrow when I could do a proper photo shoot with natural light!

This is my favorite part of the fabric, it looks like a little wave of flowers and hearts!

After I finished sewing the straps I needed to attach them to the shirt but I couldn't find it. I looked on the floor, under everything I had on the table, in the family room and just couldn't find it, so I stood up to get a better look and found it right behind me on Madelyn! I had put it on to check strap length and forgotten to take it off. She was just playing happily, not questioning why mommy had put some weird shirt over her nightgown.

One strap on, checking for placement...and apparently it's good for running. Like how my family room looks after I spend time at the sewing machine?
Finished product! This one is a shirt so it's supposed to be short and since we weren't doing a proper photo shoot I saw no need for pants. :)

I promise fun pictures tomorrow that include something on the bottom. :)


  1. I LOVE your fabric choice! Green looks good on Madelyn. She looked cute like Pebbles...she even had the "curler" in her hair.

    Great job!!!

  2. Love love the fabric! Where did you get it?!? I'm SURE from Joanne's...haha. I hear about your crazy adventures all the time.

  3. She's adorable! I found you via SITS and had to come take a look. :)

  4. So fun! I love the ruffles and baby doll style- so timeless!

  5. How cute! I think this may have to go on my 'To Do' list!! Thanks for linking up @Creative Itch!