Saturday, February 6, 2010

FINALLY back in action....

I am so happy that one of us over here at Three G's Crafts has been crafting.  Thank you KATRINA for holding down the fort.  I have been super busy with the girls, appointments, a sick husband, a visit from my parents and preparing my house and shopping for our 10th Annual Super Bowl Party.  Which is where this next trio of shirts was inspired for.  Go COLTS....  We aren't even Colts fans but you have to pick a team and go with it.  So, I decided very last minute to make the three girls shirts to show their temporary team spirit.

My fabric choices.

My three girls

The oldest, Reese. I hand made her ruffle, my first ever.  Thanks to the tutorial over at MADE.  The adorable Market skirts are theme idea for Reese's 6th birthday party in September.  I need to "kidnap" Katrina and go for another trip to JoAnnes for searsucker.  I want to work on more ruffles because this one didn't come out ruffly (did I just make up a word?) enough.

Here is my ever silly Paige.  I love her eyelet lace trim. 

And my baby doll, Claire.  I love her little shirt.  I love the dark blue ruffle on the bottom.  I attempted a pair of bloomers for her but the didn't quite get them right.  Oh well, next time.
I can not wait to get started on their little shirts for
Saint Patrick's Day. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! These are so cute, I can't wait to see them live and in person. :) I love how in the second pic of the girls Claire is all "What in the heck are you doing?" and in the third that Paige and Reese are looking at Craig (I assume since gaze is left and UP) and Claire is making eye contact with the camera!

    LOVE IT!

  2. Adorable!!!! I swear, you should've been amish or something!

    I had no idea the superbowl was even tomorrow, let alone who is even playing in it.

    Oh, and I love MADE!!!! I go on their all the time to look at her stuff!!!!! She is adorable!!! And makes everything look so simple.

    Can't wait to see your other things to come!

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  4. The dresses are very cute and the girls are adorable. Stopping by from SITs.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Maybe we should try our Jillian Shred on the same day! To encourage each other...:)

  6. cute shirts! I love blue on girls - whether it's for the Colts or not ;)

  7. cute stuff!! the girls are all three beautiful.

    and, i L.O.V.E. eyelet!