Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear sewing machine

Hello love!

I miss you! I miss the gentle hum of your motor as I caress your pedal with my toes, I miss the delicate way you allow me to create beautiful (or sometimes cute) clothes for my sweet pumpkin. I have had dreams about you since we have been apart and every time I see a piece of clothing that isn't quite right or a beautiful fabric, I think of you and the way that you are able to make everything better. I have forgiven you for the bolo-jacket mess, it wasn't your fault, I think the fabric had it out for us that day, it's all behind us now. We can move forward and try new things, new fabric, new loves. I look at my beautiful purses, one made by you and one made by your friend - Bernina, I can't wait for us to create more together.

I promise that once we are reunited that I will make beautiful things with you again. I already have some new fabric for you to work your magic on, together we are unstoppable.

Til we meet again.
All my love.

1 comment:

  1. love it, I feel the same way, can you post tuturials lol. I am trying to make a ruffle and my sewing machine and I had a huge fight. I grounded him to the bench until he quits being stubborn lol