Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcoming Bonnie to the wonderful world of sewing.

**edited to add picture**

Today we welcomed our good friend, Bonnie into the wonderful world of sewing. We started out our adventure at our local drug, I mean fabric, supplier, JoAnne's. We started our innocently enough, looking for old lady fabric for Bonnie's girls, and Denise going on her own mission for applique something or other. Bonnie found some super cute fabric, one of which she stole from Denise, and we got our numbers for the cutting table. That's when I realized that we were no where near ready to be cut! So we laid our numbers down and headed to the ribbon, ruffle, and button aisles. So much fun! Bonnie kept asking me what kind of ribbon to use and I was absolutely no help because I had no flipping clue how to make what she was planning to make, so I kept running between Bonnie and Denise asking questions. I felt like a translator, I'm sure I drove them nuts. Then we found a cute ruffle and some cute buttons and headed over to the notions. This is where Bonnie said the words she never should have said. She said "get me whatever I will need" and I think I went a little crazy just throwing things in her cart, but we found out that she used everything we bought, so it was all good.

Pins, scissors, measuring tape, pin cushion tomato, bobbins, and 4 spools of thread later we moved to the patterns and looked at the rotary cutters. This is where I got jealous. Bonnie bought the self healing mat, rotary cutter and straight edge pack that I'm drooling for. I have the self healing mat though so it's just a little drool. We had fun looking at cute little girly things because if we ever get our full clans together (does my one child count as a clan?) there are 9 girls in all. I think that warrants lots of ruffles, glitter, and pretties.

Bonnie got her fabric, elastic, and ruffles and we headed to the checkout after 2 hours of shopping! I would like to interject here that the kids were wonderful! Madelyn was at school and Emmalyn just rode around so sweetly in the shopping cart, Paige stayed with us and Claire was as sweet as sugar in the stroller! I'm beginning to wonder if it's my daughter that's the heathen?

Anyway, at the checkout we made Bonnie sign up for the mailing list, laughing about how we had bossed her around the whole store.

Bonnie headed over to my house to get started and after winding a bobbin and figuring out her machine, she made a dress for Emmalyn! It is so beautiful and I can't wait to see her two girlys being so sweet and matching! For a beginner, Bonnie is an awesome sewer! Even if she does that crazy measure and cut straight lines thing. ;)


  1. What?! Where's the picture? No one who knows me will ever believe I made a dress in one day without evidence supporting your claims. Post it lady! I have people to impress!

    I had a lot of fun with you girls today. I can't believe I actually bought seemingly random crap and produced something from it. I might actually have some sort of talent. I don't know... maybe it's too soon to conclude that. Whatever, even if the dress is a little wonky... I had fun creating it!

  2. Where the heck did my comment go?

  3. Oh, I see, you guys are such control freaks that you filter your comments. nerds.

  4. Great job Bonnie! I have sewing machine but I don't know how it works....I would like to one day learn but right now painting and kiddos keep me pretty busy. Ladies keep it up!

  5. oh yeah...can't wait to see the new food tomorrow too!

  6. i don't think bonnie left enough comments.