Saturday, March 20, 2010

Instant Gratification

There is nothing better to get me out of a crafting funk than a little instant gratification on a beautiful Saturday!

I started with some old coasters my mother in law purchased for us some 7 years ago. I've never been a fan of their design, but they are really functional. You can see on the bottom one that Madelyn had already begun to pretty them up a little.

I started out by painting one coat of stone colored paint so that the darker colors wouldn't show through my pretty papers. While I was painting I noticed something pretty neat about the paint that was already on the coasters. See it?

Here is the finished set of 4 coasters. I have another set to do, but Chris likes the tractors so I may only do the other two cat coasters (once I find them???). I really like the subtle tones and pretty patterns.

I originally bought these pretty papers for a project re-doing my tv tables from their shabby wood to something glamorous but after a simple coat of stone-colored spray paint I was happy with them. I'm excited to still have these pretties in my daily living space as a little splash of yumminess!

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  1. Lovin' the coasters! Very pretty!

  2. Pretty neat ideal...and your recycling.....your going GREEN!

  3. oh I also meant to tell you I really love the top of your blog...pretty cool. How did you do that. I would love to do that with my paintings.

  4. Awesome job!!!!!! Love them!

  5. Stylin'! Very nice! I take it you mod podged the papers down?? I'm just a junkin' girl so I have to ask these things. :)

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna