Sunday, March 7, 2010

Suggestion Saturday - Katrina's Chicken alfredo w/ carmelized onions and bacon.

Warning! I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by drool on your keyboard after looking at all of these scrumptious pictures! When you are done here, go look at Denise's and then head to the kitchen to whip up one of our creations on your own!

With the required ingredients, I made a chicken alfredo with carmelized onions and bacon over cellentani pasta.

Here is our cast of characters: Cellentani pasta, alfredo sauce, thick sliced bacon, chicken tenderloins, and an onion. Not shown is the pat of butter I started it all off with.

I like to work on building flavors so I wanted to start with a base in a skillet that would handle everything. So in goes the butter!

and the thick sliced bacon that I cut into smaller pieces.

Then the chopped onion. I only added half of the onion at this point and in hindsight would have waited on the bacon to crisp a little more before adding it

mmm...bacony, oniony yumminess

After the onions carmelized and the bacon crisped up enough I set them aside and threw the chicken tenders in to cook. I sliced them into slightly larger than bite size pieces.

I added in the other half of the onion at this point and let it sweat a bit. Again, layering up the yumminess!

I added in the jar of alfredo sauce. I would have tried to make my own sauce, but I have not had any luck with cream based sauces in the past and I wasn't going to try my luck tonight. I just wasn't feeling like losing a meal to scorched cream.

I kind of took artistic license with the "macaroni" portion and used a heavier, heartier macaroni pasta rather than the traditional elbow. I wanted something that could hold it's own with this heavy sauce.

Served all up in a bowl, with a grind of black pepper and yum yum!

I will be making this dish again. Next time I will add bell peppers and mushrooms to the sauce. The heartiness can handle a few more flavors and definitely more veggies. Any suggestions on others to add?

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  1. I WISH!!! :-) i had been lucky enough to get to eat this one too! I will have to make this here at home. WOW Katrina! GREAT JOB! Jen