Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas gift turns into more leg warmers for Claire

My sweet husband bought me 6 pairs of socks for Christmas. Don't pick up on any sarcasms there, I LOVE socks and was in need of more dress socks (regular length ones). I have plenty of thin socks, atheletic socks, TONS of warm and fuzzy socks so just plain trousers socks is what I wanted. I am 5 foot tall and most knee highs are too long for my short little legs. My husband knowing I have been on the hunt for some cute knee highs bought me some by mistake. They were six GREAT pairs, and I actually asked him, "did you buy these for me or for me to make into more leg warmers for Claire?" his response was "You, you asked for more dress socks", not wanting to hurt his feelings, I responded "yes, and these are wonderful", but he saw my brain working and told me to do what ever I wanted with them. I looked at them all day and decided only to sacrifice one pair, these purple and green striped ones because Claire has a set of onesies that would look adorable with them.

the beginnings
the cute end result

she is getting much stronger and on the verge of MOVING....

Sister, Paige stealing some shots.

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